[ic] Echo Payment Module

Jon prtyof5 at attglobal.net
Thu Sep 11 01:34:48 EDT 2003

> Jon wrote:
> >>    Is anyone using OpenEcho to perform Address Verification
> >>along with Authorization and Deposit ?  i.e. ES versus EV
> >>transaction.  If so what did you need to do in IC to
> >>enable this ?  Otherwise what code can I look through to
> >>understand how IC pulls the CC information to pass to the
> >>configured payment module.
> >
> >    Does anyone know if any of the existing payment modules do both
> > verifications ?  And if so which one(s).
> Looks like most of them do.  If you have shell access, in the
> IC home directory try:
> grep -i avs lib/Vend/Payment/*
> Looks like ECHO.pm will provide an AVS response.  You may want
> to look at it and consider customization if it does not meet your
> needs.
> Aside from the payment module in the directory above, lib/Vend/Order.pm
> and lib/Vend/Payment.pm are involved.  You can read through those
> (like I did several times) if you really want to get down and dirty,
> but making AVS work shouldn't be that difficult.  If anything, perhaps
> just uncomment some of the logDebug lines and run in Debug mode to
> see what goes back and forth between you and the payment gateway.
> Enabling it might be something you do in the payment gatway's
> administrative interface (outside of IC).  Forgive me if I misread
> your question, though -- I'm not up on ES vs EV.
> John Young

    Thanks for the response John.  Yes those codes take a bit memorizing
which I haven't
done either.  The ES is Authorization and Deposit and the EV additionally
Address Verification in addition to credit card verification and deposit.

    I have a feeling to turn on address verification will require some
configuration change in
IC but I couldn't find anything that discussed this.  I do have telnet
(SSH) access and I have
looked at ECHO.pm but didn't realize that Order.pm and Payment.pm were
with each transaction along with ECHO.pm. The things I'm wondering about
How to enable address verification in IC and if an address doesn't
completely verify
then will it automatically fail the transaction or can you let it slip

    Any general insight or pointers to payment processing documentation


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