[ic] Product Groups/Categories don't show up in drop down box

Juergen Plasser plasser at hexagon.at
Thu Sep 11 19:06:14 EDT 2003


I am very new to interchange (3 days now) and I have managed some things so 
far, but there's a problem I don't cope with.

In the admin page for the products (the prodoct list), when I click on a 
SKU number I get the edit page for the entire product. Now I have two 
different edit pages (mabye I have changed some values and don't know how 
to return to the inital state). When I click on my first product (in 
thelist) I get another edit page as when I click on my last. Why do they 
have different edit pages?

Is this intentional? I had not much time to read all docs very well; where 
are these meta-things documented?

The second question I have is, in one edit page there are no combo boxes 
for  product groups and categories, in the other edit page there are combos 
but they have no contents to select. I left all products of the foundation 
store  in my store.

Hope someone can help me,

Jürgen R. Plasser
plasser at hexagon.at
Computer science is no more about Computers, than astronomy is about
telescopes. (Dijkstra)

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