[ic] Problems with installing interchange

Ed LaFrance edl at newmediaems.com
Thu Sep 11 10:31:20 EDT 2003

At 07:34 PM 9/10/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>I'm sure you probably get this question all too often but I need some help
>and quick. I downloaded the files interchange-4.9.8-1.i386.rpm,
>interchange-foundation-demo-4.9.8-1.i386.rpm, and
>interchange-4.9.8-1.src.rpm. Then I didn't know what else to do but upload
>those files onto my server. I'm not so sure if that is necessary or not. So,
>in a nut shell, how do you install Interchange?
>Thanks for any help,

Those are the Red Hat RPM packages to install interchange and the 
foundation demo. Once uploaded, you need to install them as root. I suggest:

         rpm -Uvh package_name

- Ed L.

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