[ic] file type parameter in if sentence

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Sun Sep 14 05:17:26 EDT 2003

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From: "Danilo" <kosmo at trslab.it>
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Subject: [ic] file type parameter in if sentence

> Hi all,
> I've a little problem with the [if] ICTAG. I use IC 4.8.7 on RH 8.0.
> I'd used this short code for testing the sentence and even the image 
> exist in thap path
> the test return always a false value.
> someone can help me befor I'll go crazy? :-D
> thanks a lot
> danilo
> [if type=file term="/image/misc/test.gif"]
>     file exist
> [/if]


[if file image/misc/test.gif]
    file exist

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