[ic] IC/eBay API integration -> impending donation

Dan Browning db at kavod.com
Sun Sep 14 22:47:06 EDT 2003

* Grant <listbox at email.com> [2003-09-14 14:04]:
> So, if anyone can help me with the three things I'm stuck on I'd greatly
> appreciate it.  Here they are:

Perhaps some quickie-advice will help...

> 1. nested subs in a UserTag

Is it that important that they be nested?

Usertag bob Routine <<EOR

sub a
	return "a";

	return a();

> 3. passing variables to a UserTag

My favorite way:

Usertag bob addAttr
Usertag bob Documentation <<EOD

=head1 USAGE

	[bob sku='abc-123' thumb='big.gif']


Usertag bob Routine <<EOR

	my $opt = shift;
	return $opt->{ 'sku' } . $opt->{ 'thumb' };


I hope that helps,

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