[ic] Inactive?

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Mon Sep 15 12:24:46 EDT 2003

> I'm trying to make some of my products inactive. I put a "1" in the
> "inactive" field in the product database but the item still shows up. Is
> there something else I need to do?
> -- Anthony

Yes, mention which version of IC you are using, and which version fo the demo
the store was made from. The inactive field was not "really" honored in earlier
versions. I *think it actually began to work (out of the box) as far back as
4.8.6 but it may have been 4.9. I do know it was not honored in 4.8.3... where
you had to account for that yourself when writing queires. I skipped 4.8.6 so I
am not familiar with what it had going on. Also, if you using an early version
of 4.9, you mise well upgrade to a nightly as it would be more stable IMO.





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