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tOMMY gunnn Kerpal at dopplegangers.com
Tue Sep 16 02:20:45 EDT 2003

(his is a resend, my first was in html format so its in reply format)

>I am very new to all of this "stuff", and it is 6:00 am here, been up 
>all night so please excuse any discoherance. I am researching what 
>shopping software I will use for my "project"  I am pretty confident 
>that interchange will be it. 
>I have been reading through the list and I am wandering how payment 
>gateways (P.G.'s)work. I see that you have 4-6 in the demo. One of them 
>cybercash.com has been bought out by verisign btw. But, are their others 
>that are not viewable in the demo? Are you using the perl module known 
>as "Bussiness Online::Payment"? I wander as I am *NOT* a perl 
>programmer, and think that the "Bussiness Online::Payment" method would 
>be easier to use as many the B.O. Devolpers have many  P.G.'s allready 
>p.m.ed. I really do not have a ton of money and would like to get the 
>cheapest payment gateway possible. 

>From what I have scene from the list most of these services cost a 150$ 
setup fee, and 30-25$ mo charge, and a 10cents per transaction after so 
many transactions (500-1000).

Also I have gone through the interchange code and have scene that they 
are not using the Bussiness Online Payement System. What I do see in this 
is that they are probally very wise to stick to a system that they are in 
control of. However what would be a wise compromise is to have a "local" 
payment gateway that could work with a system such as Bussiness 
Online::Payment. Basically, "Local Payment Gateway" would trigger a 
simple script that would be a preproccesor for a generic "Bussiness 
Online::Payment" system.  That preproccesor would recieve all possible 
variables in the "Bussiness Online::Payment system" after it has the 
variables it would discard this and that and then push whats left to the 
defined payment gateway. (I hope all of this is understandable as I am 
learning programming and am not a programmer)
>Of the payment gateways out their who do you use? Or who do you 
>reccommend? I have also noticed , in the tradition of great sales 
>tactics btw, that most of the Payment Gateways Services that have been 
>preconfigured within the software do not show their rates on their 
>websites. Can someone please post the low down on these services that 
>are availble and a guide to modifing Payment Gateway modules if not 
>using "Bussiness Online::Payment". I will continue to STW and then move 
>onto STFW. But, would sure appreciate anyone's input to fiscally 
>integrating a payement gateway to a site using this software. 
>Thank You,
>T y l e r   E l l i s 
Thak you once again,

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