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> >Of the payment gateways out their who do you use? Or who do you
> >reccommend? I have also noticed , in the tradition of great sales
> >tactics btw, that most of the Payment Gateways Services that have been
> >preconfigured within the software do not show their rates on their
> >websites. Can someone please post the low down on these services that
> >are availble and a guide to modifing Payment Gateway modules if not
> >using "Bussiness Online::Payment". I will continue to STW and then move
> >onto STFW. But, would sure appreciate anyone's input to fiscally
> >integrating a payement gateway to a site using this software.

Are you in USA? If you have a checking account with a bank in USA,
authorizenet could be a good choice. $149 setup, rates, monthly charges etc
are clearly stated. As for the gateway, a AuthorizeNet.pm comes with

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