[ic] shipping not calculated when login account is used

Jim Boyer boyerj at wsu.edu
Wed Sep 17 11:37:24 EDT 2003


I am using IC 4.9.7 on RH 7.2, MySQL .  I have found when a customer uses a 
previously created login account that the shipping is not calculated on the 
checkout page.  When an account is not being used, the shipping 
calculations work correctly.  I have a usertag created to calculate the 
shipping, but I guessed it would be used all of the time.  It appears when 
a login account is used the checkout page is called in a different 
method.  All of the address information is correct on the checkout page.  I 
can even refresh the page or change the address and the shipping is still 
not calculated.  Any ideas?

Thanks for any assistance,
Jim Boyer
Systems Programmer
Information Dept
College of Agriculture and Home Economics
Washington State University

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