[ic] Image Size Usertag

Danilo kosmo at trslab.it
Thu Sep 18 02:08:36 EDT 2003

Hi Grant,
unfortunately the imagesize usertag still doesn't work. As I  said I  
had installed the ImageSize perl module.
this is the code I've included in my catalog.cfg

Require module Image::Size

UserTag image_size Order file show
UserTag image_size Routine <<EOR
sub {
        use Image::Size;

        my ($file,$show) = @_;
        my ($width,$height) = imgsize($file);

        $Scratch->{imgwidth} = $width;
        $Scratch->{imgheight} = $height;

        return "size of file ($file) w=$width h=$height" if $show;

tell me if you have any idea.
thanks a lot.

Grant wrote:

>>I've added the Image Size Usertag qo my catalog.cfg, and I've installed
>>the latest ImageSize perl library (Image-Size-2.992.tar.gz) but when I
>>restart IC I get this error
>>Configuring catalog ab...Using MySQL, DSN=dbi:mysql:ab...UserTag
>>'image_size' subroutine failed safe check: require trapped by operation
>>mask at (eval 138) line 2, <CONFIG> line 29.
>>In line 29 of the configuration file 'etc/imagesize.usertag':
>>UserTag image_size Routine <<EOR
>>Anyone can help me to solve this problem?
>>I'll continue to look but I'll appreciate any help.
>I use that tag.  Let me know if you still can't get it to work and I'll see
>if I can help.
>- Grant
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