[ic] Thumbnails

Grant listbox at email.com
Wed Sep 17 23:21:13 EDT 2003

> Quoting Grant (listbox at email.com):
> > I'm looking for something that will allow me to build thumbnails of my
> > images through IC.  I've looked through the list archives and found
> > references to UserTags image_collate, image-store, thumb, and
> image.  I'm
> > having a tough time finding the actual tags, but besides that,
> what method
> > and corresponding tag do you guys think would be best for
> making thumbnails?
> > Would thumbs conditionally built on the fly depending on
> whether they exist
> > already or not be the way to go or should I use something that
> builds them
> > all beforehand?
> The [image] tag in the latest IC CVS has a makesize=NNxNN option that
> will automatically make thumbs on the fly. It requires ImageMagick
> but not PerlMagick (too difficult to routinely install PerlMagick).

The latest image.tag on CVS has some really good documentation in it.  It
seems like it's more for the display of images than the manipulation of them
though.  I think I could get away with using it for the minimum of what I
need, but it would be much better to use something that really exploits
Image Magick.

The image-store UserTag Jonathon Clark posted
html) sounds perfect but it didn't post properly or something.  Does anybody
have a copy of that tag?

- Grant

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