[ic] did you ever solve this problem?

Bob rknyman at knowledgekids.com
Thu Sep 18 15:11:31 EDT 2003

I have a similiar problem as this one, only using BroadVision.  Did you
ever find a fix?


Here is a little more information. I had tech support check the apache
for me, here is what they gave me (I changed the IP and web addy):

[Thu May  8 13:38:57 2003] [error] [client] Premature end
script headers: /home/mylogin/mydomain-www/cgi-bin/cat.cgi

cat is the name of my catalog, hence cat.cgi

They also double checked that the ScriptAlias is setup correctly on the
server and said it looked correct.

A recap of my problem:
A catalog was set up on one domain and copied to another. SSL was
properly on the original domain with the certificate for that domain.
moving the catalog to the new domain and installing the SSL certificate
the new domain, I receive an Internal Server Error 500 when interchange
switches from and unsecured (http://) to secured (https://) connection

Andy Melichar
Rebel2 Studios

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