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> Subject: [ic] IC 4.8.7 Redhat 9 AND perl 5.8.0
> >/ I just upgraded my machine to redhat 9.0 and get the "We're sorry
> />/ Interchange server unavailable" message. Is the recommendation here to
> /drop
> >/ back to perl5.6.1. Has anyone tried this yet and do we have some user
> />/ feedback on how to get IC to work under RH9
> />>>>/
> />Hi Chet,
> >The perl rpm that installs by default on 9.0 is thread enabled which is not
> >compatible with interchange you need to recompile perl with the thread
> >enabled set to 0 instead of 1.
> >-Sam
> Newbie queastion?
> How do I recompile the perl to disable the threads?

Just go to CPAN, get it, and read the README. It can be as simple

	# tar xzf perl-5.8.0.tar.gz
	# cd perl-5.8.0
	# ./Configure -des && make test && make install

I am now recommending that people use a parallel Perl instead
of replacing Red Hat's perl in most cases, as a new Perl can
break some Red Hat configuration software. If it is a server
it should not be too big a deal, as most of the problems are with
the GUI config tools.

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