AW: [ic] Price caching problem

Lars Tode tode at
Mon Sep 22 18:29:04 EDT 2003

Hi Ed,

> Since this is all in the context of a single session, I sincerely doubt
> that this is a real problem which will affect actual customers
> and dealers,
> whom will be using separate computers from separate locations and
> will not
> switch back and forth between customer and dealer accounts as you did in
> your test, correct?

Yes that's correct, that problem is only a problem for that single user who
logged in and of several times in one session. There's no effect to other
customers/dealers who visit the shop in that moment.

Sometimes ealier I'd a look in the and found there a variable
mv_cache in the item_price function, so my opinion was that's something todo
with my problem.



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