[ic] Price caching problem

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Mon Sep 22 12:38:10 EDT 2003

Quoting Lars Tode (tode at bpanet.de):
> Hello together,
> in one of our shops we've a problem what seems like price caching.
> If you visit the shop as customer an watch an item-price, than logged in as
> trader/dealer (prices of customer and trader are not the same) and view that
> same item again, and do this (login => watch the price, logout => watch the
> price) many times in one session, the trader suddendly see the prices of the
> customer.
> My first idea was that the CommonAdjust rule was not correct, because in the
> trader profile the main CommonAdjust will be overlayed. So I thought that
> the rule won't be overlayed. But a look in the IC-variables, make clear that
> this was not the reason for that problem because the right CommonAdjust was
> loaded.
> The second idea I'd was, that after so many responses the ic-client had
> began to cache the price, so that it had not to make many sql-connections.
> But this are only ideas.
> So if I'm right and it's the cache of the ic-client, how can I clear it so
> that IC take the prices from the database?

There *is* a caching, but it is only supposed to live through one
iteration of [item-list].

If you can do a [dump key=carts] and see the member mv_cache_price
saved to the cart, that *could* be the problem.

> If anyone of you have had the same problem, how did you fix it?

You would have to show the details on this one. I am certainly willing
to believe we have a problem, but I would need to have something to
duplicate it. I logged in and out 10 times with the standard foundation
demo, and nothing broke as far as I can see.

You don't mention your version, either. If it is 4.8.x, I don't think
I will be investigating until you have duplicated on 4.9.

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