[ic] PricePictures and Calculations with Perl

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Mon Sep 22 14:26:14 EDT 2003

Quoting Xenia Diaz Orejarena (diaz at peppermind.de):
> Hi all,
> the problem is, that I can't calculate with Perl with values like
> [subtotal]. After the execution of calculating the Results are always
> missing there decimal places like:
> 13.40 + 10 = 23.00
> I have no idea, what's going on there. What ist the problem between Perl and
> interchange in this case.

This is because the execution locale of your system is using a comma as 
the decimal point.

This problem *should* be fixed in the latest 4.9. Since you don't
mention version, there is nothing further I can say.

You can fix this temporarily by setting your environment LANG variable
to C before running IC.

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