AW: [ic] Price caching problem

Lars Tode tode at
Tue Sep 23 09:43:30 EDT 2003


> You would have to show the details on this one.

We are using Interchange 4.8.6.
To get different prices for customer and dealer we're using CommonAdjust. In
den catalog.cfg the (main) CommonAdjust is set on the column fur customer
If a dealer logged in to the shop a profile loaded that includes an own
CommonAdjust with the dealer columns.
For searches or building up the item-lists we're using the ic

Normally you logged in and off many times (sometimes more than 10, sometimes

Hope I give all important informations.

> If you can do a [dump key=carts] and see the member mv_cache_price
> saved to the cart, that *could* be the problem.

I don't found the tag in the usertag-directory, but I building something
like that by myself. That's why I know that in the end the CommonAdjust was
But I think that you have access to more information in an usertag than in
the code between the perl-tags, correct?

Greetings and regards,


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