[ic] I would need some advice for building the perfect IC-server

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Tue Sep 23 08:44:30 EDT 2003

>> If you're starting from scratch, consider Slackware. IC 4.8.7 and 4.9
>> are very happy on a stock install of Slackware 9.0. No need to fool with
>> Perl or anything else in my experience... the defaults are fine.
> What about security updates? I'm used to RedHut, and the rpm-packaging
> system.
> There is also one other thing: My ISP runs all their servers on a RedHut
> flavoured Linux, that means that if there is something that has to be done
> on my machine, they know their way out quite well.
> But I will try check out Slackware as soon as I find out what I have to
> download :)
> René

Security updates can be automated just like with Redhat's up2date using 
a 3rd party package called swaret. Swaret is actually included in the 
very soon to be released Salckware 9.1 in the "extra" collection of 

You can download the iso for 9.0 or the 9.1 rc1 (soon to be 9.1) from 
the list of mirrors on slackware.com


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