[ic] Usertag/opendir don't work

Jürgen R. Plasser plasser at hexagon.at
Tue Sep 23 18:28:55 EDT 2003


--On 23.09.2003 16:00 +0100 Kevin Walsh wrote:

> That sort of thing belongs as a global UserTag, so that it can be
> called as [people-test] without being constrained by the Safe module.

Ah, that's the problem!

> You could SafeUntrap the various Opcodes associated with directory
> open/close/read etc., although I strongly suggest that you use a
> global UserTag instead.

Global UserTag means that it is located in the interchange.cfg?

Are there any other restrictions?
I cannot read (as user interch) the directory
/var/www/html/expert_images/_img drwxr-xr--, apache.apache
but I can read the contents of
/var/www/html/expert_images drwxr-xr-- drwxr-xr--, apache.apache (simply 
the same rights...).
When I copy the directory to /var/lib/interchange/expertshop I have no 
problems to read it. I don't know why, maybe it's not my day ;-)

Seems that I am missing something here...


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