[ic] I would need some advice for building the perfect IC-server

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Tue Sep 23 13:50:43 EDT 2003

>> Security updates can be automated just like with Redhat's up2date using
>> a 3rd party package called swaret. Swaret is actually included in the
>> very soon to be released Salckware 9.1 in the "extra" collection of
>> packages.
> Sounds really interesting. I assume that Slackware have not messed up their
> perl distribution :)

Correct.. IC 4.8.7 and 4.98 both work on a default install of Slackware 
9.0. I've not looked into 9.1 but I'd be surprised if that's any 
different. I've seen no discussion about any changes to the perl 


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