[ic] Form.pm option_widget

Paul Vinciguerra pvinci at vinciguerra.com
Wed Sep 24 02:26:00 EDT 2003

While digging through the sources, I came across the following piece of code
in lib/Vend/Form.pm.  Is the last line correct, or should it be:

        $val = Vend::Interpolate::filter_value($opt->{filter}, $val);

sub option_widget {
        my($opt) = @_;
        my($name, $val) = ($opt->{name}, $opt->{value});

        my $width = $opt->{width} || 16;
        $opt->{filter} = 'option_format'
                unless length($opt->{filter});
        $val = Vend::Interpolate::filter_value('option_format', $val);

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