[ic] Dynamic Forms

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Wed Sep 24 03:48:32 EDT 2003

Quoting Stephen McCullan (stephen at icomtech.com):
> Dear fellow users,
> Im currently implementing a checkout form that has functionality that
> alters the contents of a drop down selection box based on the users
> postcode. Ie the user enters his/her postcode and my code grabs the
> suburb and state from a database and populates the drop down boxes. I
> have got this to work no worries.
> My problem is this. I wish to have the postcode field submit the value
> into [value postcode] and have the form automatically refresh and thus
> be able to populate the dropdowns. (Post code field is a text box. )
> I can get this to work using onChange scripting, however, when I do this
> the error checking code displays all the ?field not completed? messages
> upon the refresh.

Somehow you are finding the target which does the IC submit action.

	onChange="this.form.mv_todo.value='return'; this.form.submit()"

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