[ic] Catalog self-test

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Wed Sep 24 12:16:42 EDT 2003

Quoting Marc Brevoort (marc.brevoort at armazemdedados.com):
> Hi,
> Some of the catalogs that I developed would benefit from running a self
> test. 
> For example, checking for the presence of a certain stored procedure in
> the database and creating it when not present. 
> Such a test would only need to be performed on catalog startup. Is this
> possible (we use 4.8.6)? It would be nice if this check would already
> have interchange functionality available.

You can do this type of thing in a Global UserTag, but it would have
no way of divining things from catalog configuration.

Sounds like something Stefan could add to Jobs -- an on_catalog_init job.

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