[ic] How do you work?

Doug Alcorn doug at lathi.net
Sat Sep 27 18:17:01 EDT 2003

"Grant" <listbox at email.com> writes:

> It's become obvious that I need some kind of a development system that's
> organized.  I always seem to be working on a few projects at once, and it's
> getting ridiculous.  How do you guys work on an IC site?

I throw the catalog in CVS.  I have IC running on my laptop with the
catalog checked out from CVS and running locally.  Other developers
(there is only one or two others) have their own instance of the
catalog running out of CVS either on a home machine or something.  As
they/I complete tasks I check my changes in.  I have a development
version of the catalog on the server running CVS head.  This catalog
is for integrating changes and demonstrating the latest version of the
catalog in a "live" environment.  When we finish an "iteration", we
tag and branch CVS.

The production catalog runs on the branch.  If there are typos, or
simple corrections to make they get made in the branch and merged back
to CVS head when it makes sense.

For more information on controlling an IC catalog from CVS, just
google 'cvs site:icdevgroup.org'.  There was a really good write up by
one of the smart-guys.  I also posted a tarball of .cvsignore files
that I use as a starting point for all new catalogs.  If you can't
find it let me know.  It probably should be on the IC wiki somewhere.
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