[ic] Verisign -- please vote with your feet!

John Foster jfoster at augustmail.com
Sun Sep 28 10:25:44 EDT 2003

Mike Heins wrote:

>Dear Interchange Users,
>------------------A LOT OF STUFF SNIPPED------------------------------
>Please don't help Verisign run roughshod over everyone in the
>world. Please stop using Verisign products.
>Best Regards,
>Mike Heins
I don't post her often any longer, but I do keep up with what you are 
doing at interchange.  I noticed this & decided to
add my 2 cents worth. About a year ago I became VERY disillusioned with 
the activities of Verisign and noticed that
they were following in the footsteps of Microshaft by purchasing all of 
their competetion and in so doing their rates
were simply rediculous. I started switching all of my customers over to 
various public keyservers and using PGP for all
privacy matters. Of course that is not going to meet the needs of the 
online retail world. So I want to point out that
there is in this situation an opportunity for IC & IC developers....That 
is to set up and maintain (  as a FEE PAID SERVICE) the
" Interchange Secure Server Registration Service" I can almost guarantee 
that you will have the support of virtually
every Domain registration service in the world..Example GoDaddy has 
already filed suit against Verisign for their
practices. I would think that, given IC reputation that you would gain 
their support immediately. I would certainly be online
for supporting that effort. I suspect that many others would also. Its 
an idea...It would need a lot of planning to implement. Go for it!!!

John Foster
AdVance-Computing Systems

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