[ic] "Cannot merge metadata -- column(s) 'extended, default' is missing in table mv_metadata"

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Sun Sep 28 23:02:39 EDT 2003

Mike Heins [mike at perusion.com] wrote:
> Quoting Art (art at alpentech.net):
>> Upgraded from 4.8.7 to 4.9.8 during a major server move.
>> Everything _seems_ to be working now, except it doesn't seem to be
>> using bulk pricing even though it's all filled in as before, all
>> data seems imported without too much trouble, but the main menu upon
>> login shows:
>> UI update appears to have been done and metadata has not been
>>     updated for this catalog... Merge Metadata
>> So, performing the Merge Metadata causes the following error message:
>> Merge run, UI version 4.9.8, metadata version 4.8.7
>>         Cannot merge metadata -- column(s) 'extended,default' is
>> missing in table mv_metadata. Items to merge
> Fire up your text editor, edit CATDIR/products/mv_metadata.asc, and
> add those two fields (extended and default) to the first line. That
> is all.

Yes, sorry, I should have mentioned more. DON'T edit this on windows and ftp it
back up. Use vi or some such. 99% this file will have newlines and/or carriage
returns, html, javascript, etc. Also, check the columns first... I had the same
error, but 'default' was already in there. (it may have just been my particular
store at the time) but I just put extended in and it went away. Also... add
those two fields at the end (right) of the column listing and separate them
with tabs.


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