[ic] manually setting the price in a form

John Allman allmanj at houseofireland.com
Tue Sep 30 12:35:53 EDT 2003

Hi - i've been reading around the mailing list and documentation trying 
to work out what i'm doing wrong but so far no luck. I'm trying to 
create a page where the sale price can manually be set.

I've changed my CommonAdjust string so that it starts with a $. I've a 
field called mv_price in the form and am trying to set the price there, 
but it only ever comes up with the price from the database. I had this 
problem before but never saw it through to the end as the need for doing 
it went away.

i've tried setting mv_UseModifier in the page and i've tried setting 
UseModifier in catalog.cfg. I've tried mv_price and mv_price0 in the 
form submission.

I'm a little lost:(

using interchange 4.6.5 (i know it's way out of date, but there are 
reasons why i have to continue to use it).

My commonAdjust string is:
$ ;"==quickorder:products:quickprice" ;"products:price"

i found that without the quotes it wont read from the database *shrug*

I have UseModifier mv_price in my catalog.cfg. I do not have an after.cfg.

I am attempting to modify the order entry page in the admin section so 
that there is an extra field for price when adding a product. previous 
advice at 
said to use an input box named [modifier-name mv_price] but that this 
only worked in an [item-list]. I want to add this field before the 
item-list section, so i can add the item with the new price, and not 
have to add it, then modify the price. I *thought* from the 
documentation, that modifier-name really just added a number after 
mv_price which is why i tried naming the field mv_price0.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



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