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Tim Nelson TNELSON at ECS-INC.com
Tue Sep 30 08:40:55 EDT 2003

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> Hello,
> I would like to have a link in the flypage.html to a pdf file 
> describing that 
> product in detail. So I created the directory pages/pdf and 
> copied all pdfs 
> in. The names are stored in the products table (field pdf = 
> 'sku.pdf'). But 
> the link is I found in an old post from Raj Bhushan Thakuri 
> is not working 
> for me.
> <a href="[area pdf/[item-field pdf]]">Details</a>
> I also tried
> [page pdf/[item-field pdf]]Details</a>
> The link I get is

It appends .html so I think thats the problem. How can I solve this? I am
running IC 4.8.7 on a SuSE 8.0.

Many thanks
Chris Gruber
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I think you want:

[set mv_add_dot_html][/set]
.... your link stuff...
[set mv_add_dot_html]1[/set]

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