[ic] PDF link

Chris Gruber chris.gruber at basic-world.de
Tue Sep 30 15:47:59 EDT 2003

> > The link I get is
> >
> > http://myshop/cgi-bin/shop/pdf/3003.pdf.html?id=mo825Zvm&mv_pc=1379

> Chris,
> I think you want:

Thanks Tim.
I have
[set mv_add_dot_html][/set]
<a href="[area pdf/[item-field pdf]]">Details</a>
[set mv_add_dot_html]1[/set]
Now my link seems to be correct
But unfortunately it's still not working.
I get "Sorry, the page (pdf/3003.pdf) was not found".

mmh, I did something wrong... but what?
Chris Gruber

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