[ic] CVV2/CID and Authorize.net

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Thu Apr 1 11:29:36 EST 2004

Sergei Voyakin [svoyakin at hotmail.com] wrote:
>> Sergei Voyakin [svoyakin at hotmail.com] wrote:
>>> For more security, I need to capture CVV2 or CID numbers from
>>> credit cards and send them to authorize.net for processing.  How
>>> would I do that?  Do I just add a field (and if so, what should it
>>> be called?)  Do I need to do anything on the authorize.net set up?
>> You could prompt for "mv_credit_card_cvv2" in the same way that you
>> prompt for "mv_credit_card_number".
> I did this and set up my authorize.net to require the card code
>   information. After I test this and look at the transaction detail
> where it sais Card Code Status, it shows Not Applicable...is that
> normal?
> In other words, how can I be sure that its working?

Doesn't sound like it is working. I seem to remember having to go into the
module and set it to use "3.1" mode, and not "3.0" which it was by default last
year. 3.0 doesn't support cvv2. You also need to set it in AuthorizeNet (3.0 to
3.1). However if you set it to reject on cvv2 mismatch, it should reject, and
your saying it didn't?

Also, keep in mind, any fancy AVS/CVV2 is bound to fail with a good portion of
foreign cards, whose issuing bank doesn't support the real time check. We get
that alot.


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