[ic] Product Flyout Menu and Menu Editor Variables - Resolved (Correction)

Miguel Gracia mgracia at latambo.com
Thu Apr 1 21:16:29 EST 2004


<<I have been working on finding a way to translate dynamically a menu
<<created using the menu editor? 
<<Has anyone done this before? Can anyone provide me some feedback about
<<what are the Exclude On and Indicator variables used for? I looked
<<extensively into the list and have not found anything related to this.

This problem is now resolved. In order for the dynamic locale translation to
occur 2 things need to occur: 1) one would have to include the [loc][/loc]
tags IN THE NAME FIELD for every menu item created through the menu editor.
2)You need to make sure that your locale table contains an entry for every
menu item to be translated and its corresponding translation. Then once the
user selects a locale then the specific custom menu used will be translated.


I will continue to struggle. 



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