[ic] Product Flyout Menu and Menu Editor Variables - Resolved(Correction)

Miguel Gracia (PPLPLC) miguel-gracia at pplplc.com
Thu Apr 1 22:27:54 EST 2004


Where does one place the menu parameter? If in the form values section that
did not work for me. Can you let me know.



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Quoting Miguel Gracia (mgracia at latambo.com):
> <<Hi,
> <<I have been working on finding a way to translate dynamically a menu
> <<created using the menu editor? 
> <<Has anyone done this before? Can anyone provide me some feedback about
> <<what are the Exclude On and Indicator variables used for? I looked
> <<extensively into the list and have not found anything related to this.
> This problem is now resolved. In order for the dynamic locale translation
> occur 2 things need to occur: 1) one would have to include the [loc][/loc]
> tags IN THE NAME FIELD for every menu item created through the menu

This is not correct. You just select the fields you want to localize
with the localize parameter:


> 2)You need to make sure that your locale table contains an entry for every
> menu item to be translated and its corresponding translation.

That is correct. It is very difficult to translate without the
translation available somewhere. 8-)

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