[ic] Encryption

Jiang, Benlu JiangB at health.missouri.edu
Fri Apr 2 11:06:08 EST 2004

I have transferred an interchange shopping cart from another web hosting.
Everything works fine except the encryption for credit card.

I got error when I try to place an order:
Credit Card Information: Credit card encryption failed: No such file or directory 

from your FAQ say:
You must have a .pgp or .gnupg directory in the home directory of the user running Interchange. 
It is also possible to set an environment variable (variously PGPPATH or GNUPGHOME) to orient the program correctly.
I am not sure where is home directory.
I have put pubring.gpg under etc and set PGPPATH=etc and still get same error.
Please help! Thanks!
Benlu Jiang

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