[ic] Assistance Requested mv_order_group And 'mv_mi' => undef

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Fri Apr 2 13:57:49 EST 2004

Quoting interchange at ericsmall.com (interchange at ericsmall.com):
> Hello, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction on this issue.
> I am trying to use the "Order Groups" functionality described in the E-Commerce Function manual section 1.5, but it isn't working the way I was expecting.  I had originally started by attempting to use order grouping with the main item being an order_fly, but that didn't work so I tried this simple example and found that it was resulting in the same problem.
> This is my test form
> <FORM ACTION="[process-target]" METHOD=POST>
> <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_todo VALUE=refresh>
> <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_order_group VALUE="1">

Add two more of those:
 <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_order_group VALUE="1">
 <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_order_group VALUE="1">

You need to have an order group setting for each item -- that allows
you to create more than one order group per form.

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