[ic] Decrypt credit card information

Ravi T ravi at tekchandani.co.uk
Sat Apr 3 09:21:12 EST 2004

Hello, I have trouble with PGP, I saw your message below followed it on
IC v.5.0

When I click "Decrypt Credit Card" option so to save file or download
appears, I save to a folder, the file "test0007" for example, using the
PGP software PGP tray, and the gui says, file contains no PGP info.  The
actual order text says "NEED ENCRYPTION KEY POINTER." Still.

Any more ideas.   Or have I missed something

Ravi :(


Hi Eugene

I just set one up yesterday (4.9.9) and did see the same message before
had completed the configuration (client was testing before I was

I fixed it by doing:

At this point I was able to select my Key from a list.
Once selected a 8 charactor value was visible for PGP_KEY.

Apply Changes.

See how that goes.

Andrew Rich

Ravi @ Home

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