[ic] IC Page Tag - How to set title="..." for the href???

News news1 at dsl.pipex.com
Sun Apr 4 13:01:09 EDT 2004

> Hi folks,
> Todays challenge which has failed miserably so far, was to add the
> title="...." to the vertical category bar hrefs.
> The vertical category bar uses the IC page tag to generate the <A
> HREF....> so I thought it might be simple to add in the title="..."
> of the href. Ideally I want the title to equal the same as the text
> displayed in the category bar, [loop-description] maybe?
> Can anyone help me on this one please?

   You can add the title element to the 'a' tag for the bar link by
modifying the
BAR_LINK_TEMPLATE variable via the admin interface.


Thanks Jon, all I needed to add was title="$ANCHOR$" , so simple, I was
looking too hard.


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