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Mon Apr 5 02:58:31 EDT 2004

> mgracia at 2-4-04 1:25:52 >>>

>Can anyone provide feedback about the proper use of the "Exclude On
>in the advanced section of a menu item in the menu editor" Does that
help to
>prevent a category from showing up in a page due to some pre-set
variable? I
>am trying to restrict the categories that appear on the home page
based on
>the locale selected. Has anyone done that in the past? I search the
list for
>an entire day and did not find anything.
>Please help!!! :(

We use the exclude option to show and suppress menu-buttons between
Dutch and English.
For example: we show the button 'werk' only in Dutch and the button
electrical supplies - product overview only in English.
This is done by the following line in the Exclude on field:
locale_en_US (for Dutch only) and locale_nl_NL  (English only).

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