[ic] help with importing products

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Mon Apr 5 09:54:16 EDT 2004

Quoting Kevin Scott (kcscott at kbinx.com):
> working with a new 5.1 install, working foundation demo with tools.
> I exported the products table with admin UI.
> added a couple thousand products to the tab delimited txt file.
> imported the newproducts.txt with admin UI.
> restarted IC.
> upon inspection the products.txt file has all the records
> as well as the pgsql database table products.
> The items show up correctly in the admin UI.
> BUT they only appear in the catalog AFTER I manually edit them in the UI
> The admin UI even successfully populated the cat and area table.
> I suspect this has something to with auto-export but am currently clueless
> Do I really have to click through 2500 records?

No, it just means that the searches are being done on the text
file. If you export once (via Tables->products->Export) then
they should "show up".

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