[ic] Cpanel / Ensim / etc.

Ron Phipps rphipps at reliant-solutions.com
Mon Apr 5 14:52:03 EDT 2004

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> Hello,
> I'm looking at upgrading my server to a "fastservers.net" server and
> wanted
> to get some feedback from the list.  Is there any problem with the
> IC
> living peacefully alongside a Cpanel or Ensim or (other) control panel
> software?  I'm not talking about using IC from *within* the Cpanel,
> just
> being on the same server.
> Any experieinces good or bad would be great to hear about!
> Thanks,
> Russell

Hi Russ,

The only issue I have found when running IC on a server with Ensim is
that the virtual sites are setup to redirect /admin to a control panel
for Ensim.  This causes issues since IC uses /admin for it's control
panel.  I'm not sure if there is a way to change the IC base so it's
something other than /admin.  I just commented out the redirect in the
virtual hosts conf file to get around this problem.


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