[ic] [loop] Returning a value from product field specified in variable

Steve interchange at bojanglesdesign.co.uk
Tue Apr 6 09:45:52 EDT 2004

Within a loop search I am trying to return a value from a field name which
is specified in a variable (option_selected). A simplified version of what
I've got is:

 [loop search="se=sub04/sf=sku"]
   [loop-field [value option_selected]]

And I've tried this based on the 'Interpolating Parameters' (2.3.1) section
in the Tag Reference docs.

 [loop search="se=sub04/sf=sku"]
    [loop-field arg="[value option_selected]"]

But that also doesn't work. I've got a feeling I might be going about this
one completely the wrong way, so any advise would be a great help.



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