[ic] Options editor 5.0.1

Jon prtyof5 at attglobal.net
Mon Apr 12 23:39:34 EDT 2004

> Any one found a solution to solve the problem in Interchange 5.0.1
> options UI editor with Foundation catalog.
> No info in interchange error.log files
> No info in Postgresql Log files
> Commit button not work, the only way to edit the options
> is via table editor.
> Salvador

 Salvador  is this due to an upgrade ?

I've just figured out some of my own problems but I need to do some more

   I had some time ago grabbed a copy of item_option_matrix and modified
it to include some additional
DB columns which used to be housed in
cartroot/include/item_option_matrix but due to the
addition of Options/old in the UI path I created a link from
which brings back my old item_option_matrix that I modified.  Next I
needed to tweak my
rewrite rules to find the new item_options_old page.

This may not be your problem but perhaps it might help some one else.


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