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Rodney S. Foley aalst at aalst.com
Tue Apr 13 19:38:23 EDT 2004

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> Did you install all required Perl-modules before running ./configure? If
> you
> check the line 820 on Makefile.PL you'll find this: use Getopt::Long.
> Maybe
> that module is missing or outdated? What I did on my ISP:s machine was
> that
> I installed all Perl modules locally (one thing was to change the PERL5LIB
> environment variable to eg. /home/myhome/mylocalperl). I don't remember
> exactly what I did, but all required modules are installed into my own
> home-directory.
> René


I know you didn't write the README file, but a list of required modules
would be something nice for them to add to the README file.  It only says
"Interchange absolutely REQUIRES Perl 5.6.0 or later on a Unix-like
operating system." Now where in the whole file does it say what Perl
libraries are required.

How am I supposed to know this, with the skimpy installation instructions?

They also might want to put some error checking in the
configuration/installation process that checks if a library is available,
and if not then gives a friendly error message informing that it is missing.

This is just my opinion, but seems to be standard practices in most
development circles I been in.

Where do I find out what libraries are required so I can see which ones are
missing and get them installed?



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