[ic] Re: Unrecognized character \x7F

Rodney S. Foley aalst at aalst.com
Tue Apr 13 20:30:28 EDT 2004

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> And if either the ISP hosed Perl or the man in charge for installing
> Interchange
> hosed the installation files there is nothing really meaningful
> Interchange
> can do about that. And the error message "Unrecognized character" is a
> strong
> indicator for that.
> Bye
> 	Racke


Well I am the one installing it, and it in fresh from icdevgroup.com.  So if
the installation files are hosed then they would be on all versions of the
IC 5.0.1 download.  The problem here is two things, one that the README
doesn't tell what 3rd party libraries are needed and two a poor
installation/configuration file with out decent error checking.  

If anyone can let me know what 3rd party libraries are needed then I can get
the missing ones installed and hopefully then be able to configure and
install this puppy.


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