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Tue Apr 13 20:36:04 EDT 2004

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> > Did you install all required Perl-modules before running ./configure? If
> > you
> > check the line 820 on Makefile.PL you'll find this: use Getopt::Long.
> > Maybe
> > that module is missing or outdated? What I did on my ISP:s machine was
> > that
> > I installed all Perl modules locally (one thing was to change the PERL5LIB
> > environment variable to eg. /home/myhome/mylocalperl). I don't remember
> > exactly what I did, but all required modules are installed into my own
> > home-directory.
> > 
> > 
> > Ren?
> Ren?,
> I know you didn't write the README file, but a list of required modules
> would be something nice for them to add to the README file.  It only says
> "Interchange absolutely REQUIRES Perl 5.6.0 or later on a Unix-like
> operating system." Now where in the whole file does it say what Perl
> libraries are required.
> How am I supposed to know this, with the skimpy installation instructions?
> They also might want to put some error checking in the
> configuration/installation process that checks if a library is available,
> and if not then gives a friendly error message informing that it is missing.

It certainly does if the configuration can run. 8-) You aren't even
able to run the Makefile.PL. 

Getopt::Long and every other module needed to install Interchange are
on every properly-installed Perl that is a high enough version for it
to run under.

> This is just my opinion, but seems to be standard practices in most
> development circles I been in.

As it is with Interchange.

> Where do I find out what libraries are required so I can see which ones are
> missing and get them installed?

If you can't run Makefile.PL, you have an improperly-installed Perl.
You need to install Perl, properly. Then it will run.

I didn't even consider answering up to now, because nowhere have I seen
any information at all about what system, database, Perl version, or
anything else in a post. That info is required to even begin to diagnose
something like this, and that is not only standard practice with any
software program but is prominently featured in Interchange's FAQ.

Interchange has been successfully installed on a dozen or more OS
variants on thousands of systems. There is no reason it should not
install on any properly configured UNIX server with a correctly-
installed Perl.

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