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Wed Apr 14 03:18:15 EDT 2004

>Thanks for you polite and thoughtful response.  

>I have installed a lot of Open Source, Freeware, and High-priced
>There is good and bad in every group.  Sometimes the software is
great, but
>the install procedures or process is just horrible, or the software
>but it has a great install procedures or process.  On a rare occasion
>get a great software with a great install procedures or process.  

>However, all-in-all I have never seen such a poorly supported product
>OpenSource or not.  

>I do appreciate all developers and the time the put into a product,
>especially when it is an OpenSource product.  However, that doesn't
>them the freedom to be rude, or insensitive to new users of their

>They need to be especially nice to new users, they want to make it as
>as possible for there product to be adopted.  Making a killing
>but making it difficult to use or install, doesn't help group your
>base.  Then when they have what they think is a smooth process down,
>someone who isn't at the GURU level of perl and linux comes in, it may
>be as smooth as they thought.  

>I am a developer also, and I understand where they are coming from.  I
>QA a little different I guess.  I always have my QA staff handle the
main QA
>stuff.  However, I always try to find all levels of users outside the
>staff to take the product as we would deliver it and see if they can
>and use it with out problems.  Then we work out the rough areas.

>Regardless, I guess I will have to find another product to use for my
>since the creators and high-level people involved in Interchange do
not seem
>to want help in making the install process smoother, and easier for
>common person.  If they did they wouldn't attack a person pointing
>problems with the process they would take advantage of the situation
>utilize the person to make the process better.  Isn't that what the
>OpenSource Community is all about?

>Anyway I will try it on another completely different server, if it has
>same problem I guess I will call it quites.



It took us also some time to get things going, we hired a professional
to assist us and that was a good decision.
We use Interchange for about 2 years now and it has never disappointed
us. In the meantime we do a lot of things ourselves now.
When you choose commercial software, you know two things: more
expensive than ic and more restrictive than ic.
If you want to make use of the flexability of ic, it can get complex,
but all the wishes our marketing department can think of
are implemented.
Remember, this is free software, comes without warranty, has no
helpdesk, but if you really want to use it, a lot of people are willing
to help.
Jan van Dijk

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