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Rodney S. Foley aalst at aalst.com
Wed Apr 14 03:48:27 EDT 2004

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> There you go again attacking Interchange.
> This product is supported well, you just chose to go on the attack
> before giving anyone the chance to answer your question.  You gave
> everyone exactly one day to read your problem and you came to the
> conclusion it was a bad installer, bad package or a bad readme file when
> in actuality it is a problem with your perl installation nothing more,
> nothing less.  You've also come to the conclusion that no one wants to
> help and that everyone thinks they are better off without new IC users.
> Seems to me you jumped the gun and haven't given anyone a chance and you
> expected a miracle overnight.  Maybe no one has seen that problem
> before?
> If you search the archives you will finds hundreds of thousands of
> questions and responses both from members of the ICDEVGROUP and from
> users of the software.  The proves to me that there is a support
> structure here.  I know for a fact that there is such a structure
> because I ask questions and they get answers from multiple people.  In
> return I try to answer questions I know the answers too.
> I started out just like you, installing IC, making changes, running into
> problems, but at that point I took a different path.  I took the advice
> of others and tried not to lay blame on the creators of IC and I did not
> expect everyone else to fix my problems.  The last thing I wanted to do
> was to bite the hand that feeds me (in this case the IC creators)
> because I knew if I burned that bridge they wouldn't help me out in the
> future.  You sir are burning that bridge.  You as a brand new user went
> on the attack.  I know if I had built something like IC and someone came
> to my home and started attacking the installer and documentation I would
> turn my cheek and not help them.  Mike, the creator of IC responded to
> your comments and even went as far as to tell you it's a problem with
> your Perl install, even after you talked a bunch of crap about the
> readme, the installer and the group.
> Perhaps if you weren't rude FIRST there wouldn't be an issue now would
> there?  You assumed the documentation was lacking and that's why you
> couldn't get IC to install, that is NOT the case.  All Interchange needs
> to install properly is a standard install of Perl, nothing more, nothing
> less.  Once IC installs it will tell you what modules need to be
> installed.
> IC is NOT difficult to install.  The process is easy if you read the
> directions.  If there is a problem with your Perl install that is not
> the fault of Interchange, the readme, or the installer.  You couldn't
> even run Makefile.PL on your system, there is an issue there.
> The creators of IC are nice to new users when they follow the FAQ, are
> polite on the list, don't act high and mighty (which I get a sense of
> from your posts) and don't expect free support (which you seem to
> expect).  Instead of telling everyone in the community how you think
> things are supposed to happen maybe you could observe how things work
> and then act accordingly.
> When will you realize the installer works?  You are running an obscure
> kernel from some distro/add-on that may have issues with Perl or lock
> down what Perl can do.  The installer works on a fresh Redhat install, I
> can verify this because I did one just last week.
> When you do this on a different server, try it on something not running
> grsecurity and see what your results are.  If it works on another server
> then maybe you will believe that the installer works and there is a
> problem with your system.  I'd be real careful what you say, you've
> probably just about alienated yourself from help at this point.
> Good luck!
> -Ron

Excuse me? One day? I posted this on SUNDAY MORNING, that is now 3 1/2 days.
Of which we wasted almost two arguing about nothing.

I also never came to any conclusions about what the problem is, I have only
repeated what others have told what they "think" the problem could be.

I was never rude first.  If you check I think you would see that Mike
started attacking me, and I have only been defending myself.

I have not burned the bridge; it was Mike who has burned the bridge to me,
not the other way around.  You seem to be a close group, and very protective
of your product and each out.  Start reading the posts from Sunday 11am on
to now, and see who was rude first, etc. He could have turned it into a
chance to trouble shoot a new problem that maybe new or rare, but instead he
just choose to point out all the mistakes in my post and he didn't even read
the original post from Sunday where I stated the version of Perl, which may
have changed some of what he said.  He could have asked the questions he
wanted answers too instead and telling me that I was basically a moron for
the way I posted.  I feel based on the requirements needed in your readme
that my post was appropriate.  If it isn't then just ask the person the
questions you need answers too, don't attack the newbie to the list.

As for lacking documentation, my host says their perl install is "standard"
and "correct" I have asked them again if they would try to reinstall a 2nd
time and see if it changes anything.  I am not sure if they will do this
again, without specific statements of what "standard" is and what "correct"
is.  Something they can verify if they are doing it the way you believe is
correct and standard.

I first only pointed about what could be a better readme.  For a program all
of you admit is a very complex program to have only a 3 line install
"summary".  I am not attacking it I thought I was providing feedback from my
point of view about a separate issue I noticed while I was trying to
install.  It turned into attacks after Mike attacked me for my feedback.  It
then grew as he continued to attack, to be defensive responses from me about
how I feel and what I have observed in comparison of all my other
experiences with other software products of all types.  

Anyway I can get access to my other server until Wednesday night, so I will
not be able to try the install on another box and a completely different
host until then.  However, as I said before if it gets the same error, I am


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