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> > Rodney S. Foley wrote:
> >
> > > The problem here sounds like I am missing some 3rd party libraries.  If
> > that
> > > is the case, how can I found out what they are sense Interchange doesn't
> > > publish them in the readme?
> >
> > In the current IC tarball, there is README.rpm-dist, which contains:
> >
> >    perl -MCPAN -e'install Bundle::CPAN'
> >
> >    Then install the main modules Interchange uses:
> >
> >    perl -MCPAN -e'install Bundle::Interchange'
> >
> >    Instead you may want to install a bundle that includes many optional
> > but
> >    useful modules:
> >
> >    perl -MCPAN -e'install Bundle::InterchangeKitchenSink'
> >
> > If you look inside those bundles, you will know what might be required.
> > As has been stated, though, it sounds like your install is failing before
> > even getting to that point.  Perhaps you could try the install on a
> > different system to help troubleshoot the situation.
> >
> > Those bundles were put together by Mike, free of charge and out of the
> > goodness of his heart to make things easier for all of us.
> >
> > There is also discussion of Perl modules in the archives of this mail
> > list,
> > accessible and searchable via www.icdevgroup.org, courtesy of Mike, Racke,
> > Jon, and a few others... free of charge, and to make things easier for all
> > of us.  Us users don't even have to pay for the bandwidth of that server.
> >
> > > I would like to thank Mike, Racke and all the others who just ignore the
> > > message who might be able to help, for the incredible welcome to
> > > Interchange.  This is the welcome you want to give everyone you want to
> > > drive off, if that is what you are trying to do, just keep it up.
> >
> > Rodney, you need to think about the hundreds of hours Mike, Racke, and
> > others have put into those install routines already... and thousands of
> > hours into the rest of Interchange... and we all are allowed to benefit
> > from it.  Do you think Mike or Racke need all of the install routines for
> > themselves?  Much of this sort of thing is written for others.
> >
> > The biggest problem with Interchange is that it can be very deep and
> > complex
> > because it can handle very complex requirements (much as with an
> > application
> > like Sendmail).
> >
> > Show some patience, and be prepared to invest a lot of time (unless you
> > hire
> > a consultant to do it for you).  And think about how much work these guys
> > have already put into what you have downloaded.
> >
> >
> > John Young
>Thanks for you polite and thoughtful response.
>I have installed a lot of Open Source, Freeware, and High-priced software.
>There is good and bad in every group.  Sometimes the software is great, but
>the install procedures or process is just horrible, or the software sucks,
>but it has a great install procedures or process.  On a rare occasion you
>get a great software with a great install procedures or process.
>However, all-in-all I have never seen such a poorly supported product
>OpenSource or not.
>I do appreciate all developers and the time the put into a product,
>especially when it is an OpenSource product.  However, that doesn't give
>them the freedom to be rude, or insensitive to new users of their product.
>They need to be especially nice to new users, they want to make it as easy
>as possible for there product to be adopted.  Making a killing application
>but making it difficult to use or install, doesn't help group your user
>base.  Then when they have what they think is a smooth process down, when
>someone who isn't at the GURU level of perl and linux comes in, it may not
>be as smooth as they thought.
>I am a developer also, and I understand where they are coming from.  I take
>QA a little different I guess.  I always have my QA staff handle the main QA
>stuff.  However, I always try to find all levels of users outside the QA
>staff to take the product as we would deliver it and see if they can install
>and use it with out problems.  Then we work out the rough areas.
>Regardless, I guess I will have to find another product to use for my needs,
>since the creators and high-level people involved in Interchange do not seem
>to want help in making the install process smoother, and easier for the
>common person.  If they did they wouldn't attack a person pointing out
>problems with the process they would take advantage of the situation and
>utilize the person to make the process better.  Isn't that what the
>OpenSource Community is all about?
>Anyway I will try it on another completely different server, if it has the
>same problem I guess I will call it quites.

Hi Rodney,

I have a small comment about needing to try another type of server...

I installed my IC from rpm files (as I have a red hat based system) and as 
long as you've got the perl modules installed (via CPAN or rpms) it should 
just work (if you installed the foundation demo and did the makecat thing).

Put it this way, it worked out fine for me after a couple of goes at 
running makecat. Since then I've tweaked stuff to suite our needs as and 
when I've had time and when the list has been forthcoming with useful snippets.

The key to this list is to not give up and keep asking the question until 
someone eventually answers and not take any crap just because the person 
delivering it appears to know everything about IC. They often forget how to 
talk to laymen as they are working at such a technical level so there has 
to be a bit of forgiveness on both sides.

Perhaps it might be worth giving the rpms a go if your system supports them?

Either way, best of luck with your E-Commerce server :)

Kind regards


Now, this is for ALL the IC Gurus (or so called gurus)...

If you find yourself being angry in your response to a list question, 
_before_ you send the reply. 99 times out of 100, if you were to leave off 
replying for a few hours and come back and read the first draft of the 
reply you'd not want to send it anyway as you'd have thought about it a bit 
more. My advice is don't react, think!

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