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Boyd Lynn Gerber gerberb at zenez.com
Wed Apr 14 09:53:42 EDT 2004

On Wed, 14 Apr 2004, Rodney S. Foley wrote:
> As for lacking documentation, my host says their perl install is "standard"
> and "correct" I have asked them again if they would try to reinstall a 2nd
> time and see if it changes anything.  I am not sure if they will do this
> again, without specific statements of what "standard" is and what "correct"
> is.  Something they can verify if they are doing it the way you believe is
> correct and standard.

A broken perl will give broken results.  We do not have the details to
assist you with what is standard or non standard.  All we know is that
your Perl does not work.  Because we do not have the details we can not
assist you.  What mix are you using?  How is your linux done?  I have a
friend that has his own distro that we call by his name, because it would
be impossible to duplicate his enviroment, he is left to find and fix his

The Linux Kernel is 2.4.25-1-grsec but has it been modified?  Maybe you
need to build your own perl so you know exactly what is done to create it.  
I know from experience that a working perl will work regardless of OS.  I
also know that a bad Perl will not work regardless of OS.  So your first
step is to get a Good Perl that passess all tests.
> I first only pointed about what could be a better readme.  For a program all
> of you admit is a very complex program to have only a 3 line install
> "summary".  I am not attacking it I thought I was providing feedback from my
> point of view about a separate issue I noticed while I was trying to
> install.  It turned into attacks after Mike attacked me for my feedback.  It
> then grew as he continued to attack, to be defensive responses from me about
> how I feel and what I have observed in comparison of all my other
> experiences with other software products of all types.  

I did not see what Mike said as an attack.  He was trying to point out 
that every one should use the FAQ guidelines.  The details are very 
important to resolving the problem.  He also pointed out the problem is 

> Anyway I can get access to my other server until Wednesday night, so I will
> not be able to try the install on another box and a completely different
> host until then.  However, as I said before if it gets the same error, I am
> done.

If it is the exact same config you will get the exact same results!  
Maybe giving the details on what you are using would narrow down the
possiblities.  There are too many flavors of linux and configurations for
my crystal ball to reveal.  My crystal ball has been broken for a few
years now.  All I seem to get is

"I have Perl 5.6.1, the DB doesn't matter sense it is getting to that
point yet.  Perl is installed correctly, and was just reinstalled to see
if that was the problem.  The Linux Kernel is 2.4.25-1-grsec."

How was Perl built and how do you know it was built and installed
correctly?  Did it pass all the tests?  I have my doubts because a good
Perl build with out threads has never failed with interchange.  A threaded
perl has problems.  I know because I have had a bad perl build cause many
problems.  And I believe once you find and fix the perl problem, 
Interchange will work too.

Good Luck,

Boyd Gerber <gerberb at zenez.com>
ZENEZ	1042 East Fort Union #135, Midvale Utah  84047

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