[ic] Item Options and flex_editor

Jon prtyof5 at attglobal.net
Wed Apr 14 23:18:25 EDT 2004

Working my way through my options issues... getting there but need a bit
of guidance.

IC 5.0

I can select an item option to change values and most changes seem to
But I see that o_matrix is wiped out.  I know that o_matrix was removed
as part of  the options changes but was surprised to see a column,
o_matrix, in
a table get erased. The initial problem I see is that this option no
longer appears
in the list of options for the item which I can easily fix by modifying
but that makes me nervous because of what other issues might be caused
by clearing
o_matrix every time an option is modified.  Do I need to add o_matrix in
where as if it is a new user added column ?  Any general thoughts


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