[ic] Strip spaces from email

Ron Phipps rphipps at reliant-solutions.com
Thu Apr 15 01:32:22 EDT 2004

> From: Jon
> > Quoting Ethan E. Rowe (ethan at the-rowes.com):
> > > Susan Misnick wrote:
> > >
> > > >Hi, I'd like to strip leading or trailing spaces from the email
> field,
> > > >which seems very straightforward, but I can't figure out where to
> > > >the code.  Hints?
> > > >Thanks,
> > > >Susan
> > >
> > > It depends on what action is being performed; if this is in
> to
> > > posting an order to the database, one thing would be to put it in
> > > /etc/log_transaction.  However, if you want to do something in a
> > > sensitive area, you could put a little [perl]...[/perl] block in
> > > form profile with a regular expression to trim the leading spaces.
> I'm
> > > still on the steep part of the Interchange learning curve myself,
> > > however, so it's highly possible somebody could offer you a more
> elegant
> > > solution.
> >
> > It's as easy as:
> >
> >         [value name=email filter=strip]
> >
>    Ya, ya... so IC is pretty amazing.. we know that.  But in the
> of
> increasing
> IC knowledge tell me something.. I can easily search icdevgroup.org
> see
> the value tag
> and all the information there which includes the 'filter' parameter.
> how
> would one
> know that strip is a valid value for filter ? Of course it just so
> that there is a
> filter tag and in reading that information there is some verbiage
> the
> strip parameter
> and it is what would one imagine; a couple of regexp.  But in the
> sense of IC how
> would someone know that strip is a valid value for the filter
attribute of
> the
> value tag ?
> Just use above normal common sense and logic of what would seem
> to
> be there ?
> Or is it time for someone to write a good reference book for all us
> weekenders
> to use ?
> Jon

Hey Jon,

That's normally how the docs work in IC, if you see a parameter, look up
the parameter and you will come up with the valid values.  It would be
nice if the docs were interlinked more, but a lot of things are on the
table and unfortunately no one recently has stepped up to improve the
docs.  This isn't to take away anything from what the docs are now, they
have A LOT of information, they have changed tremendously since the MV
days.  Every once in awhile there are people that complain about the
docs (not you), then there are people that notice shortcomings in the
docs and even come up with suggestions to improve them(you), but very
rarely are there people that actually put the effort forward to improve
them.  Me, personally, I'd rather see the developers working on new
code, it brings new functionality to IC that I can use in the sites I
build.  Perhaps once you get more familiar with IC you could be the one
to improve upon the docs?

Take it easy!

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